Training Inspiration

A letter to practitioners from Diana


After years of witnessing students in trainings, I am very interested in creating a practitioner training with people who are deeply committed to dive into the personal aspect of the work as well as apply themselves wholeheartedly to developing the skills for bringing forth the professional potential that this work has to offer. I admit it is impossible to know who fits this ambitious description. Yet, you as a practitioner have the best chance at guessing who might fit. I would love to have your help to create some approximation of a group of trainees of this caliber.

Training with a difference

In order to honor these great people who make up this training group, this training will provide a substantial number of additional hours beyond guild regulations. Some of those hours will be accomplished through technologically supported studies between training segments. Because of this, students will need to feel comfortable and able to access the internet, receive audio files, be willing to chat via skype or similar means and learn to create and send audio files via email. This will support the very strong emphasis in this training for learning Awareness Through Movement® teaching skills while also providing extra time and support for developing Functional Integration® skills. 

Mentoring opportunities

If you are a practitioner that would like to be involved in supporting students you send to this training in a mentoring capacity, I will be providing a format that will support and accelerate the student’s learning as well as be stimulating and engaging for you. If you are interested and have questions, please call me. I am also available to have a discussion about potential trainees as to their readiness to make this kind of commitment. And if not, is there something we could do that might bring them along. To this end, I will be personally interviewing each applicant. I look forward to collaborating in creating new practitioners that will take the Feldenkrais Method® out into the world. Practitioners who send students to the training will accumulate visiting days at the training.

Another option

For students not wanting the professional aspect of a training, yet would enjoy the personal development that comes via many hours of ATM, they may be interested in the offering of an intensive series of workshops — The Journey Inward. If you know people who fit into this category, please contact me, or have them do so. This could be for you as well. Think about it.