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March 26-29, 2015
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Bring Your Pelvis into View


“Discovering the Feldenkrais Method recently has been a transformative experience for me, I only wish I had had this kind of training at the start of my career! Having suffered several leg injuries, my alignment and balance had grown to be quite compromised, but with a few intensive sessions of Feldenkrais with Diana, I feel as if I’m nearly back to “normal”.

As an opera singer, the body is my instrument, and to have it fine tuned and calibrated as only this method can do is a real find!! Thank you Diana!”

Joyce DiDonato, Mezzo-Soprano

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Diana & Efrem Razumny organize, produce and teach in Feldenkrais Training Programs in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Boulder, Colorado. They also give Functional Integration® lesson in each of those and other cities. Diana teaches Awareness Through Movement® workshops, applying the Feldenkrais Method to a variety of life themes and activities as well as advanced trainings for Feldenkrais Practitioners.

Explore a free Awareness Through Movement lesson on MP3.
Sitting Rotation is from the Santa Fe 3 Training (2004). The next 4 lessons were taught to the public in the Boulder Training (2012). Instructor:
Diana Razumny

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Listen Now to:
Sitting Rotation
Tilting Bent Legs on front
Swinging Bent Leg on side
Reach for heel on back
Candelabra Arms on back


Rocky Mtn 2 Training
Segment 15, Year 4
Complete DVD
&MP3 CD Recordings

Visiting Trainer: Yvan Joly
2-week segment
Focus: Balance

Santa Fe 5 Training
Segment 5, Year 2
Complete DVD
& MP3 CD Recordings

Visiting Trainer: Carol Kress
Trainer: Diana Razumny
Judo Roll Series
4-week Segment

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