Santa Fe 6Faculty and Staff

Our training faculty is exceptional in experience and skill. Our trainers have extensive experience practicing and training worldwide. Together, they have led Feldenkrais professional training programs in some 10 countries. 

Educational Director: Diana Razumny, Santa Fe, NM
Main Supporting Trainer:  Carol Kress, Berkeley, CA
Visiting Trainers: Katrin Smithback, Santa Fe, NM; Thomas Farnbacher, Bavaria, Germany; Anastasi Siotas, New York City.
Continuity Staff Person: Diana Razumny, Movement Educators, Santa Fe, NM / Valladolid, Yucatan, Mexico
Organizer and Administrative Director: Efrem Razumny, Movement Educators, Santa Fe, NM / Fairbanks, AK / Valladolid, Yucatan, Mexico

Diana Razumny

Diana Razumny is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, Trainer and Educational Director of the Santa Fe 6 training. She has studied and practiced in a variety of body/mind modalities including Trager and transpersonal breath Therapy. She began her studies of the Feldenkrais Method when she met Dr. Feldenkrais in San Francisco in 1977. Diana has used the method to work with people challenged by neurological difficulties, especially children. She has been teaching advanced trainings in the U. S. and Europe for Feldenkrais practitioners focused on working with special needs children. Her playfulness and love for movement give a special quality to her touch and interactions with people. Diana has extensive experience in various capacities in training programs. She exhibits strong commitment to students in the training process. Some of her passions have been sculpting, dancing, tennis and Aikido. Her most recent passion is working with clay at the Santa Fe Clay Studio and with a Mayan potter in the Yucatan. Diana will be the educational continuity staff member and will be present for all four years of the training program. 

Carol Kress

Carol Kress is a highly experienced Feldenkrais Practitioner of more than 20 years, and Trainer who brings to her teaching a desire for excellence and a wish to communicate the essence of the Feldenkrais Method. In her private practice she works with both adults and children with a variety of difficulties, including chronic pain and neurological problems, as well as performing artists . Her work is informed by a long-time involvement in equestrian arts, yoga, a passion for Argentine Tango, and her long time practice of the martial art of Aikido, for which she holds a 4th degree black belt. Carol first began to study the Feldenkrais Method in 1985, she finished her Feldenkrais Professional Training Program in 1993. Carol teaches throughout the United States. She has recently completed the editing and publication of Volume One of an in-depth biography of Dr. Feldenkrais, written by her late husband, Trainer, Mark Reese. Carol lives in Marin County, California. Carol will be the Main Supporting Trainer for the Santa Fe 6 training.

Thomas Farnbacher

Thomas Farnbacher came to the Feldenkrais Method of movement from different disciplines: martial arts, dance, massage and physiotherapy. He completed his training in 1995 in Vienna with Dennis Leri and Carl Ginsburg as Educational Directors. Since 2006 he is dedicated exclusively to his work as a professional and assistant trainer under the supervision of Jeremy Krauss and Paul Newton in Austria, Germany and Russia. Thomas has a unique ability to relate his knowledge and experience in martial arts with the Feldenkrais Method. The curiosity to apply the Feldenkrais Method to special needs children led him to study the Jeremy Krauss Approach, based on the work of Dr. Feldenkrais. He speaks German, English and Portuguese and lives in Bavaria, Germany. Thomas will be a visiting trainer during the year 2.

Katrin Smithback

Katrin Smithback, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and Trainer, began her studies with Moshe Feldenkrais in 1980 and has had a continuous private practice in Santa Fe, NM since then. Katrin was on the faculty at the College of Santa Fe for 17 years, teaching applied movement in the theater, dance, music and physical education departments. Her interest in practical applications of the Feldenkrais Method has led her to develop and teach workshops and classes for a wide variety of groups, including athletes, actors, the disabled, therapists, the elderly, and the general public. She also teaches advanced trainings for practitioners and mentors local practitioners. Katrin teaches in professional training programs in the US, Canada, Asia and Europe and is currently Educational Director of the Argentina Feldenkrais program. Katrin will be a visiting trainer during year 3.


Efrem Razumny

Efrem Razumny, MS, ADTR, is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and a Certified Dance/ Movement Therapist. He earned his masters degree in Dance/Movement Therapy at Hunter College of New York in 1985. He has more than a 50-year history of working with people in the alternative health field. Efrem is also experienced in working with special children and their families. He is a certified massage practitioner trained at Esalen Institute and has studied the Rosen Method Bodywork and Movement. Efrem is highly sensitive and committed to serving people in their personal evolution. His enthusiasm and encouragement support people in their ability to choose an improved quality of life. His extended experience of living in the Alaskan wilderness gives him a special appreciation for life. Efrem is the Administrative Director of Movement Educators and their Feldenkrais training Programs. Efrem’s current passion is working with his Mayan crew building palapas on his ranches in the Yucatan.