Santa Fe 6Training Logistics

Training Tuition

The annual tuition is $4,600. This fee is payable one month before each segment for that segment.
2-week segments cost $1150; 4-week segments cost $2300.
Tuition can be paid by check or with Credit Card. Payment plans are available.

Training Location

The Santa Fe 6 training will be held at the Santa Fe Women’s Club, 1616 Old Pecos Trail, on the east side of downtown Santa Fe.

Housing for the Training

Once you are enrolled the next task to address as early as possible is housing. We find Craigslist most helpful and other internet searches can work well. If you still need help please contact us and you will be put on our housing list. We have roots in the community and work to help find suitable housing at a reasonable price.

Please Note: Accreditation of this program by FGNA DOES NOT indicate that this program meets local or state laws for post secondary or vocational training.

Contact Information

Movement Educators
Phones: 505-577-4652; 505-577-4653
Address: 207 Rosario Blvd, Santa Fe, NM 87501